Friday, 31 July 2009

Barn Owl feather - Tyto alba

Our neighbour started to water his field with the canon this evening ...The sound of the canon and the artificial rain woke up this poor Barn Owl ..She had a shock and flied over my head as I tried to avoid the water too...then she hit on the wires of the enclosure of our property ...I hope she didn't harm herself as she flied higher and disappeared but before I had a nice rare sighting of her during the day light ...She left this feather, my son collected it (kostis was lucky too to watch this rare sighting) and my nephew took this pic by his mobile phone ...

No need to ask about the background of the photo is a backgammon board !!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hello from the beach ...!!!

I'm OK, enjoying the sea, when Vartharis, the local Northwest wind of Thessaloniki let me to swim. I enjoy some birding too, although there aren't any nests of Red backed Shrikes at our yard this year they still feed themselves there, together with Hoopoes and Blackbirds daily. I had also several happy moments with different Finch and Warbler species that visit the almond trees from time to time ...I promise I will post a list with the sightings of the summer ...soon

Internet connection is too bad and slow that it is impossible to watch cams but I managed to save the storks pic you can see below today and I hope you will like it ...

Have a nice summer !!!

What else ? ,,,, White Storks :)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello friends,

I think it is time to tell GOOD BYE for summer ...
It's time for me to take the ancient roads to the shores of Thermaikos Gulf.
It's time for my yearly communication with the sea and waves
There looking every evening the sun hiding behind the mountain Olympus ..I will imagine all the happy things i could do if I could move my body without so much pain ...

I will imagine the sunsets in Afirca, the roars of the lions during the night ..the Zebras and Giraffes drinking at the waterhole of my dreams ...the eyes of a leopard ...

In any case the Hoopoes will be there ...the Red backed Shrikes will be there ...the swallows and the gulls will be there only company ..And maybe a Flamingo or a flock of Collared Pratincols will fly over my head ...or maybe a Sparrowhawk or a Hobby will make an appearance ...

I will watch the olives increasing in size day by day ..I will watch the without stopping movements of ants opening new roads around the old house ...
I will miss the cams ...i will miss all of you only friends in Boma and Facebook
I hope you all have a great happy summer ...

and yes 15 August will come soon ...and I will be back ...and maybe I will continoue to watch and post pics at this blog ...Until then you can scroll down at the previous pages and have a look at some of the 5000 pics I have posted in the last four months ...Just click at the 'older posts' at the bottom of this page

Enjoy your life ...

I will promise i will fight the depression ...:)

and maybe I will publish here one or two posts with my news from the beach depends on what I can do with a telephone line ...

Happy Summer

Καλο Καλοκαίρι !!

And here.... something old ...A video clip I recorded in Novermber ...Suprinsigly I found out yesterday that it did 76.770 views !!!! I succeed my target share my sightings with as many people as I can :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunset in Estonia

Estonia -,

White Rhino

Africam, Nkorho pan cam,


Wildearth cam,


Wildearth cam,


Wildearth cam,


Wildearth cam,


Wildearth cam,

Nice camera work by Rexon

Osprey posing in front of the cam

Hailuoto -Marjaniemi -Finland,

Ospreys - Pandion haliaetus - Ψαραετός

Finland - NatureIT - Sääksikameraa,


Africam, Tempe cam,