Sunday, 7 April 2013

Eaglecrest's birds

Eaglecrest, CA (the cams are on ustream)

Eaglecrest is a 200 acre private estate 20 miles northeast of Fresno, CA. I found those cams accidentally ...but someone was panning and I took some nice pics ..  Eaglecrest Wildlife is affiliated with the Raptor Resource Project of Decorah, Iowa

 Pie-billed grebe

 Cinnamon teal

American coot

American Wigeon

Canadian Geese


Red tailed Hawk

Blue belly lizard

European Kingfisher/ Αλκυόνη...inside and outside of the nest, 

Saker Falcon, 

White White tailed Eagle at nest ...poor bird....It's April after all...

Estonia -, 

Chacma Baboon

 Pete's Pond Cam,