Thursday, 18 April 2013

Black Stork preparing his nest ...or at least he thinks so ...!!!!!

Estonia -

Pictures are very large on pics to see them in full size

Black Storks mating

Estonia -, 

She was tired ...she wasn't cooperative last she found that she needed more energy to say 'no' ...

Black Storks in Estonia

 Estonia -, 

Peregrine Falcon ( Aloa & Falcao nest), 


Beleef de Lente, Vogelbescherming Nederland, 

I saw her back at nest after several days ...I think it is time for eggs, girl !!!

Common Kingfisher, 

Male caught the fish ...he delivered it to his partner in front of the nest ...she ate it and went back in nest ...Four eggs until now

Elephants breeding herd

Africam, Idube cam, 

Water Monitor Lizard

Djuma Waterhole cam,