Thursday, 22 August 2013

Marsh Harrier /Circus aeroginosus/Καλαμόκιρκος on Cormorants cam in Germany

Cormorant cam/NABU,

The Marsh Harrier had a great feast on the abandoned prey of White tailed Eagle (most probable a Grey Heron)

Raven on White tailed Eagle's prey

Cormorant cam/NABU, 

White tailed Eagle at Cormorants nests

 Cormorant cam/NABU, 

This gorgeous White tailed Eagle stayed for some time on cormorant's nest ....It looks like he caught a prey ...most probable a Grey Heron ....but for an unknown reason abandoned his prey and left ...The pictures are from the archive...Unfortunatelly I missed this part of the sighting...
Later a Raven had lunch on the prey before a Marsh Harrier chased it away and got the prey for herself ...

Grey Heron

 Cormorant cam/NABU, 

Elephants breeding herd

Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Egyptian Geese family

 Pete's Pond Cam,