Sunday, 18 May 2014

Barn Owl,

TheCornellLab Cams, 

Great Horned Owl,, 

Saker Falcons,

White Stork in Poland, 
Unfortunately at the other nest in Poland, I was watching this year, all chicks died because of bad weather conditions... ... In Hungary , the female died of electrocution and the babies transfered to a refuge.

So this is the only live streaming cam I watch now ...

White Storks in Bornheim

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1, 

Young Reed Cormorant

 Kwa Maritane cam, 

Grey Go Away Bird at Kwa

 Kwa Maritane cam, 

African Harrier Hawk

Djuma Waterhole cam,

Baby Elephant at Pete's Pond

 Pete's Pond Cam, 

Water Monitor Lizard posing

 Pete's Pond Cam, 

Pied Kingfisher

 Pete's Pond Cam, 


Pete's Pond Cam,