Saturday, 16 April 2011

Little Owl/ Athene noctua

Vogelbescherming Nederland, 

The little Owl is in the nest for some time now ...I can't see any movement of the dove outside of the nest hole ..Maybe there was a fight before ...
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Bald Eagle/Haliaeetus leucocephalus

 Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles, 

Stormy weather and snow at nest ...The little ones stayed under mum's belly ...
Father came with fresh food ..and they had their lunch at last ...

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus

Rome, Italy

The moon

Wildearth TV, 

Bronze winged Courser/Rhinoptilus chalcopterus

Wildearth TV, South Africa

Helmeted Guinea Fowls/ Numida meleagris

Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Blacksmith Lapwing/Vanellus armatus

Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 

Three banded Plover/Charadrius tricollaris

 Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 


Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 

Impala/ locking horns

Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 

Someone at lodge took the resposnibility to work behind the cam ...(very much appreciated ...thanks)


Elephant plains cam


Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 

Back in Africa ...the Zebs are still resting at Nkorho ...

Puffin /Fratercula arctica

Scottish Seabird Centre, 

This bird is my favourite of all the breeding species on Scottish cliffs. To make it even more strange Puffins nest in burrows !!!

Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus)

Scottish Seabird Centre, 

not much space for nest !!!

But always enough space for love !!

Even the road is suitable to be occupied by Gannets !!!