Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Birds at PP on 24 Oct.

Pete's Pond Cam, 

Grey Heron

Black Heron

Green backed Heron,

Red billed Quelea, 

Spur winged Goose

 Cape Vulture, 

African Fish Eagle

Secretary Bird

Carmine Bee eater, 

Namaqua Doves

Southern pied babbler (thanks to Gerda !!!) 

Southern White crowned Shrike, 

The best at PP on 24 Oct

Pete's Pond Cam, 

Black backed Jackal

Cute baby Vervet monkey



Water Monitor Lizard,

Nile Crocodile, 

 vervet monkey under an Ostrich

Some great nocturnal sightings on 24 Oct at PP

Pete's Pond Cam, 


Large spotted Genet, 


White tailed Mangoose, 

Verreaux's Eagle Owl, 

Djuma waterhole cam /part 2

Djuma Waterhole cam, 




Hadeda Ibis, 

Burchell's starling, 


Vervet monkeys, 

Nyala and Impala

How many species can you see at the waterhole at this picture ...