Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gentoo Penguins ..

Station Gars O' Higgins-Antarctica, 

Bald Eagle/Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles, 

The three egalets looked fine ..this morning ...but a little sleepy last they managed to catch some food before fell asleep again...


 Africam, Tembe cam, 

A tree can be usefull in many ways ...for shadow ...for food ..or ...for a good scratching !!!

Puffin /Fratercula arctica

 Scottish Seabird Centre, 

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus- Changing shift

Falcons for everyone -Brussels, 

Elephant at Tembe

Africam, Tembe cam, 

Cam was working but the pic was blur in every movement...Despite this I managed to take a couple of good close ups ...Thanks to the Zoomie ...!!!

Elephants at EP

Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Few minutes after I opened the cam went down too ...

White Storks in Germany

 Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1, 

This pic is from yesterday evening ...cams were down during this morning