Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Not many new pics today ....Mother's duties kept me away from cams ...
But still you can see the poor injured wildebeest on the following video clips ...You can also see 12 more news video clips on my channel on Youtube

Elephants and injured Wildebeest

At those video clips you can see the elephants behaviour to the poor injured Wildebeest. The first comes from 16 December and the second from 14 December ...


NGM Africa Wildcam,

Elephants still throw sand on injured Wildebeest bull ...

NGM Africa Wildcam

The elephants can't stand anyone else around when they drink ...In fact their presence is enough for all the other animals to go back ..This injured wildebeest can't move so the elephants feel rather angry with him ...They try to make him move and leave ...and feel at least surprised by his behaviour.
It looks it is rather easier for him when he sits down than when he stands on his legs. (see also below ...or click the label injured wildebeest to see more pics)

At the first pic an elephant throw sand on him, at the next three you can see a young elephant going too close and maybe touching him with his trunk and then ..surprised going back ...
The cam stopped exactly after this moment becouse of the hard rain ...Let's hope he will survive this night too

Injured Wildebeest still alive at Pete's pond

NGM Africa Wildcam

Sunset at Pete's Pond

NGM Africa Wildcam,


Wildearth TV,

Voras mountain - Ski center

In Africa they are in summer we are in winter :) As I have no many new pics ...Maybe you would like to have a look at what happens ...on 2070m few km north west of my house :)