Monday, 13 May 2013

Kilimanjaro Mountain ...

Campi ya Kanzi- Kenya,

I saw the mountain after several days ...It was too cloudy lately ...but late this evenig the sky was clear enough to have this spectacular view

Great Tit's nest

Ardèche/France - LPO Great Tit's nest cam, 

Only one chick left in the nest today ...As long as the male have disappeared several weeks ago ...there weren't any chances for survival ....Let's hope this will be lucky ...Mother still feeds it ...

Peregrine Falcon's youngsters, Italy

Saker Falcon's chick /Κυνηγογέρακας, 

White Stork in Germany


I'm not sure what it is what the stork is earing ..Was it in the nest before ...or she regurgitated it and ate it again ?...It happens exactly when I opened the cam ...I can't make out what could be ...

White Storks in Germany ...four healthy chicks at this nest

Hoechstadt stork cam, Germany

White Storks in Bornheim ....they have two eggs !!!

 Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1, Germany

I haven't checked this nest for a while ...but today I noticed  the female was sitting constantly ...I watched for a while ...and surprise ...surprise ...there were two eggs ...From the blog I found out that the first egg layed on 8 May and the second on 10 May ...It is rather late but I hope they will be succesfull at last !!!! Good luck storks

Pair of Kestrels /Βραχοκιρκίνεζα

Beleef de Lente, Vogelbescherming Nederland, 

Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)

Scottish Seabird Centre, UK

Egyptian Goose

 Africam, Idube cam, South Africa

More Elephants' pics

Pete's Pond Cam, Botswana

Grey Heron

Pete's Pond Cam, Botswana