Thursday, 30 March 2017

Fourth day of nest construction, 

The rhythm is slower today ...maybe because of the bad weather (rain)

Bald Eagle,

Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles,,

Soaked and upset

First attempt to feed ...but not hungry yet

Bald Eagles

Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles,, 

Beleef de Lente,

Beleef de Lente, 

 European Kingfisher, 

Tawny Owl, 

Black Stork

Gemenc/Black Storks cam, 

House Martins ...Earllier than ever ............

Fani's photos, 

My House Martins came at my balcony, earlier than ever ....
This morning on 30 March ...the annual fight between Martins and Sparrows are on its way ....
Good luck to my dear birds ....
Last year we enjoyed two set of eggs ...and saw twice the young birds to abandon the nest ...

Third day of nest's consruction, 

The male must be excausted !!!!