Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bad weather

Hailuoto -Marjaniemi -Finland,

Lunch at last !!!

Estonia -,

Where to put this branch ...(continoued ..)

Estonia -,

But she wasn't happy at last ...and she brought another one with fresh pine niddles..So the problem started again ..where to put the first dry branch ...At a pic you can see the little chick trying to help !!!

And when household had finished was time for lunch last ...

Lesser Spotted Eagle - Aquila pomarina - Κραυγαετός

Estonia -,

I think our 'house' is empty ...We need some new fresh branches ...

Hey ..I'm alone !!! I will show you what I learnt ...I can move my wings and I can stand on my little legs ...Look at me !!!

Mum is coming better to sit down

Where to put this branch or or better there it was better at the other side ...

And while she tried to decide where to put the branch, little chick had a difficult time !!

It's OK now ...Isn't it ?

Ospreys - Pandion haliaetus - Ψαραετός

Hailuoto -Marjaniemi -Finland,

Now you need really good eyes to see the little one ..behind the branches of the nest ..Notice the mother's face and the little head's shape changing position at the last three pics ...