Thursday, 21 November 2013

November is never a good season for cams

Nautilus live is over, Polar Bears cams season is over too ...Chehalis River cam isn't working this year ..and heavy rains in Africa chase everything away of the waterholes while some cams are dead because of thunderstorms ...We have to wait until rains will stop in Africa and snow will cover the ground in Estonia so Looduskalender cams will be back again ...The last fifteen days of November isn't a good webcam season at last !!! Glad Station Gars O' Higgins cams give us some nice close ups of Gentoos

Soon  back again with more pics :-)

Stones are precious

Station Gars O' Higgins-Antarctica, 

Making a nest. Gentoo Penguins

 Station Gars O' Higgins-Antarctica, 

wild flowers at Naledi

Africam, Naledi cam, 


 Africam, Idube cam, 


Africam, Tembe cam,