Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hello friends !!!

I hope I will be back in a couple of days ...but not for long I must leave soon away from my  fast internet connection...Summer is here ..and it looks it will be a hot one this year ...I need to go soon in Thessaloniki after the schools will be closed and then maybe I will head to the sea at our summer house..but this year I will take my camera with me I will try to update the blog ..with all my observations of birds ...butterflies, weeds, shells and so on ...Also |I hope I can still have a glimpse of what happens in Africa through the refreshing cams ...(thank you Africam!!! ) ...So let's hope ...we will keep a touch ...during the next months ...

Antarctica ...

Station Gars O' Higgins-Antarctica,

With temperature rising at 37 C tomorrow ...we need some pictures like this to feel a little better !!!!

Little Owls - Athene noctua

Vogelbescherming Nederland,

Maybe the cutiest of all owls babies

White Storks

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1,

White Stork-Ciconia ciconia

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Zeiskamermuehle,

Not sure what is this ...a wire maybe ...?