Monday, 9 May 2016

Reed Cormorant and Grey Heron, at Kwa Maritane cam

 Kwa Maritane cam, 

Birds at Tau

Tau cam, 

Spur winged Goose,

 White faced Duck,

 Yellow billed Stork, 

Black winged Stilt, 

Grey Go Away Bird, 

More birds at PP

Pete's Pond Cam,  

Red billed Quelea, 

Meves's Starling, 

Grey Heron,    

Egyptian geese, 

Green backed Heron,

 Pied Kingfisher,


Speckled Mousebirds

 Pete's Pond Cam, 

African Fish Eagle

Pete's Pond Cam, 

Crocodile and Terrapins at PP

Pete's Pond Cam, 

Chacma baboons

Pete's Pond Cam, 

The last one with a terrible lump

Elands, Zebras and Wildebeests at PP

Pete's Pond Cam,