Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I was enough devastated after I realized what happens at Kamfer Dam ...and while I was watching new raindrops on the cam glass ..I decided to close everything and change the view (see below)...I wonder if the climate changes of the planet is one of the many reasons of this disaster. The fear is if the water destroys all the artificial nests and the errosion makes all those attempts to secure the future of Lesser Flamingos, a frustrating dream ...I have difficulties to write it in English ...dear friends ...I will wait Tania and 'Save the flamigos' group to post their estimations about the conditions ..and I will post the news ...

Until then ...enjoy (if you can) some really nice cats ....Mafufanyane and two of the Nkuhuma's girls from Wildearth TV ..

Cape Buffalos herd

Wildearth TV,

...Snaggletooth's friend

Wildearth TV,


Wildearth TV

Hooded Vulture-Necrosyrtes monachus

Wildearth TV,

Two lionesses meet each other - One of them Snaggletooth

Wildearth TV,


Wildearth TV,

Mafufanyane - male leopard

Wildearth TV,

Desaster at Flamingo colony at kamfer Dam

Flamingo cam, Africam

It looks like the flood covered the nests and washed out little chicks and eggs ...Is this the end of the breeding season ..? or maybe flamingos will start to breed again if water level becomes lower ??? This shows how vulnerable is this colony at Kamfers Dam ..and the fears of the 'Save the flamingos' group came true ...
Let's hope it will motivate the authorities to protect the of the four sites in world where the Lesser Flamigos breed

At start I could see two survivors couldn't stand at all ...few minutes later it was lost into the water ...