Saturday, 17 April 2010

Canals close to Nisi Village

Soon we will see the Water Lilies floating on the surface ...Behind you can see more Cherry trees ...
By the way the locals destroy illegaly  the wild vegetation on the hills  and the meadows around the wetland and plant Cherry trees ..None interested in stopping  them ...Higher it is even worse as they destroy forests.

Agras-Vryta-Nisi wetland

From the opposite side ...You can see the extended reedbed ...still dry

Cherry trees everywhere around

Mute Swan- ready to sleep

Wild flowers


Apple tree and flowers

Cherry trees and flowers around Agras-Vryta-Nisi Wetland

Fork tailed Drongo

Africam, Elephant plains cam

Natal Spurfowl

Africam, Elephant plains cam


Africam, Elephant plains cam