Monday, 15 August 2016

Peach trees

Fani's photos, 

Agras Wetland/ near Vryta village

 Fani's photos, 

White Storks of Skydra town /Pella ...just before the winter migration

Fani's photos

Nest 4 They raised four little storks this year ...Time for relax for the parents...just before the migration

Nest 3

Two beautiful young storks still at nest

Nest 5 (ΚΤΕΛ Σκυδρας)

One young bird at nest 

The adult was standing nearby

Nest 6

They look too young ....will they be ready to migrate with their parents ....?

The nests 1,2,7 were empty ..The storks came too late for a succesful breeding season ...Same with the nest at Rizari village ....
The four nests at Mavrovouni (2) and Sevastiana(2)  were empty too ...but the storks raised succesfully at least 11-12 storklets ..We saw  three of them flying outside of Mavrovouni village ..It looks like they are still around ....

Sevastiana /Edessaios River

Fani's photos,