Monday, 7 September 2015

Giant Panda, 


Wildearth Safari cams, 

Small antelope οn Arathusa cam/ Young Bushbuck ...

Arathusa Safari Lodge cam

Kwa Maritane cam

Kwa Maritane cam, 

Reed Cormorant, 

Grey Heron,

 Hadeda Ibis,




Crocodiles' fight

Tau cam, 

Not very good pictures but very interesting sighting ....

One crocodile in a mission

An intruder ???

A long chase

The other crocolile could't hide ...

Too much action for the reptilians 

The intruder ? took his lesson ...The other crocolile moved outside of the water for a rest ...

Saddle billed Stork caught a catfish

 Djuma Waterhole cam,