Wednesday, 22 March 2017

33 (11) with a big fish at nest !!!

Rutland Ospreys cam,/UK

You can read the ring. It looks though that Maya returned too ...Happy new nesting season for Rutland Ospreys !!!!!!!

White tailed Eagles in Latvia


Tawny Owl and her baby ....!!!!!!!!!!

 Beleef de Lente, 

European Kingfisher / Male offers the fish to female

 Beleef de Lente, 

Barn Owls mating /Netherlands

Beleef de Lente, 

White Storks in Germany

Steinbach Bräu Stork cam/Germany,

First egg !!!!!!!

More nest matrial was brought at nest

They want more eggs 😊

The egg is covered by the nest material now ..

 White Stork cam/NABU-Germany, 

Something went wrong ....she isn't cooperative this time 

Norhtern Royal Albatross,