Thursday, 13 August 2009

The birds in our yard and the beach this summer

I added two more species this is the list again

1. Cory's Shearwater Calonectris diomedea - Αρτέμης
I saw two individuals flying over the waves at the beach. It is the first time I spotted them at our beach for sure ...It was a very windy day ..The white patch at the base of tail was very obvious...
2. Kestrel Falco tinnunculus - Βραχοκιρκίνεζο
I see it regularly every year passing or hunting around ...Last year a pair perched often on the big pine exactly outside of our yard. This year I saw it only once.
3. Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus - Σκυλοκούταβος.
It is very common at beach as it breeds at the wetlands of Thermaikos Gulf ..It passes also often over our yard ...
4.Yellow legged Gull Larus cacchinans - Ασημόγλαρος
Not sure about the english name ...This is the mediterranean cousin of Herring Gull ..Very common at beach and over our yard.
5. Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto - Δεκαοχτούρα
Very common ...nesting around ...and perching almost all day on the electricity poles in the corners of the yard
6. Barn Owl Tyto alba - Πεπλόγλαυκα
All the area around is territory of Barn Owls for at least 30 years now!!! Although I know there are around isn't easy to see them during the night ...I'm lucky if I see it once or twice every year...This year I had a great sighting during the day (see below) and another one flying very late in evening. For some years in past they wintered into a hole of our roof ...
7. European Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus -Γιδοβιζάστρα
Very common ...In past it used to perch on the electricity pole ..Still we hear it almost every night and it often visits or flies over our yard
8. Common Swift - Apus apus - Σταχταρα
They feed over our yard every day...I couldn't find where they nest ...Maybe on cliffs ??
9. Hoopoe Upupa epops - Τσαλαπετεινός
Very common. We see it every year. This year I can see an individual every day feeding on our private road, almost continously !!!
10. Syrian Woodpecker Dendrocopos syriacus - Βαλκανοτσικλιτάρα
One of the birds we see every year. It comes often at the electricity pole ..Unfortunately this year the olive tree in front of the pole became too tall and I don't have a good sight from the house ...
11. Crested Lark Galerida cristata - Κατσουλιέρης
Usually it visits our private road to feed in August ...but this year I saw it in July too at the harvested field behind the house.
12. Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica -Σταυλοχελίδονο
Very common ...I love when the young Swallows sit on the wire exactly in front of the house and when they learn to hunt ...and they fly with high speed towards the house and too close to the ground to catch insects
13. Red Rumped Swallow Hirundo daurica - Μιλτοχελίδονο
Not very common ...but I see it every year flying over the yard.
14. House Martin Delichon urbica - Λευκοχελίδονο
Very common ...
15. Red backed Shrike Lanius collurio - Αετομάχος
For many years they nested in our yard. This year the numbers are significant smaller ..Although they haven't nested, I see it almost every day.
16. Olivaceus Warbler Hippolais palida - Ωχροστριτσίδα
I see it almost every year, once or twice.
17.Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans- Κοκκινοτσιροβάκος
I'm not 100% sure for this bird as it was a female ..It was feeding at the neighbour's fence ...First I thought it was a Whitethroat but it was much smaller of the Olivaceus Warbler . I couldn't see well the eye so I'm not sure for it.
18.Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix -Δενδροφυλλοσκόπος
It supposed that this bird it passes during the migration but I'm 100% sure as I had a great and long sighting of it while it was feeding on the almond trees. It stayed for a day and then left ...
19.Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos - Αηδόνι
There are many Nightingales around this year . I used to see them at neighbours garden but this year they visited our yard too...
20.Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata - Μυγοχάφτης
And suddenly the yard was full of young flycatchers feeding on insects. It was one of the best sightings this year...
21.Blackbird Turdus merula -Κοτσυφι
With its numbers increasing everywhere, it became a very common bird ...They nest at neighbour's garden (their cat had big troubles when tried to reach the nest LOL) and they feed on our yard ...every day ...I love their song too...
22.Great Tit Parus major -Καλογερος
This year the numbers of Great Tits are significant larger
23.Gold Finch Carduelis carduelis - Καρδερίνα
Adults and immatures visits the yard often ...Great sighting
24. Green Finch Carduelis chloris - Φλώρος
I see them - adults and immatures- every year on the only tree of the neighbour's field ( a cotton field this year)
25. Tree Sparrow Passer montanus -Δενδροσπούγιτης
I saw it twice this year ...
26.House Sparrow Passer domesticus- Σπιτοσπουργιτης
Very very common ...they breed at neighbours roof and they chase away every bird even if it is much bigger ...I love to watch them having dustbath at the private road outside of our yard
27.Godlen Oriole, Oriolus oriolus - Συκοφάγος
I had a glimpse of this wonderfull bird exactly outside of the yard...I have seen it once or twice before here...I suppose he came to taste the ripe figs ..and there are several fig trees around
28.Magpie Pica Pica- Καρακάξα Very common at the area but not for our garden ...I saw it twice this year ...One of the them was a young bird
29.Hooded Crow Corvus corone cornix -Κουρούνα
Big fat crows are always around ...I ve just read that the Crows of cities are significant smaller than those of country ..At least here the Crows are really too big !!!


Africam, Nkorho pan cam,

I just wonder when Africam owners will realize how important is to have a zoomie behind the cam continously ...