Saturday, 27 November 2010

Birding Big Day in South Africa

Good morning everyone ...

Here I am watching for birds around ...together with my fellows zoomies ..They are my binoculars to this strange birding ...Just remember it isn't the first time ...we participated in such event two more times the previous years...!!

Until now from the pics the list is

1. Egyptian Goose (Nk, EP)
2. Hadeda Ibis (Ep)
3. Three Banded Plover (Nk)
4. Wood Sandpiper (Nk)
5.Burchell;s starlings (Nk)
6. Red billed Oxpecker (Nk)
7 Swainson's Spurfowl (NK ?)
8. Cape Turtle Dove (EP)
9. Fork tailed Drongo (EP)
10. Pied Crow (NK)
11. Woodland kingfisher (NK)

I will refresh this list during the day ...Let's hope we will be more lucky later !!!

  • Please click on the 'older posts' link at the end of this page to see all the pics of the day ...There are more than 50 pics today ...

  • Now at the end of the day ..I can tell that the birding day ...turned into a baboon day ...!!! Not bad at all as it is equal enjoyable ...The mammals stole the show during the evening you have to go back to the older posts to see pics of the birds

  • Every pic here ...all my work this blog devoted to a man who supported me too much during all the years I publish pics at this blog .......Farewell my dear Morris ...I will remember you always ...for your kindness and your great video clips ...for your willing to share with everyone ...Im happy I met you ...and you will be missed so much ...

Common Duiker

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