Saturday, 4 January 2014

Zoomie had an artistic eye this afternoon

Tau cam

Elephant at Tau

Tau cam

Weavers nest

Tau cam,

Wooly necked Stork at Tembe

 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Epic hippos' fight

Africam, Idube cam

I asked about the hippos at Idube and Donnabac answered me on Boma (Africam's forum)...Of course there is a possibility new individuals have invaded at the dam. It is difficult to tell ...

Fani, there is a resident female hippo with two calves, an adult male and another female at Idube, making 5 residents we have seen lately. The older calf, play fights with the male. The male is mating with the other female and I think Mom stepped in to protect "Junior".  Kids!!!  I'm not all caught up today, but someone said there might be other hippos now.  I hope they all learn to get along and Junior behaves. This is not conclusive, of course. Time will tell Smiling.

Big Elephant bull at Tembe cam

Africam, Tembe cam,