Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fiery-necked Nightjar (Caprimulgus pectoralis)

Wildearth TV, SA

Just before the end ...Great sighting!!!

The moon

Wildearth TV, 

This is the only good pic I took during this evening drive ...At least you can still dream ...

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus

Falcons for everyone -Brussels, 

Two newly hatched babies was waiting for me after I ve returned from a short visit to the lake this evening. Here they are !!!

Little Owl/ Athene noctua

Vogelbescherming Nederland, Beleef de Lente

The Little Owl got their nest back ...but she is still very anxious ...Where is the male ??

Fulmars/Fulmarus glacialis

Scottish Seabird Centre, 

Guillemots/ Uria aalge

Scottish Seabird Centre, 

Respect for the dead

Africam, Tembe cam, 

This incredible big tusker spent few minutes checking the dead Nyala beside the waterhole ...

More elephants

Africam, Tembe cam, 

Soon after I had posted the previous post ...another big tusker and another bull joined the big elephant at the waterhole ...The ritual movings of the trunks always fascinate me ..I wish I knew their body language ...


 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Winter is coming in South Africa ...It was cold and rainy at least at all the webcams sites 
But the big tuskers at Tembe are still present near the waterholes ...
I think this is Induna the elephant with the second longer tusks ..

Kestrel/ Falco tinnunculus

 Aston University Kestrel cam, UK

The female Kestrel is sittilng patiently on her four eggs. This cam is in a study room at the Aston University in Birmingham, UK
Read all the story here

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus

Rome, Italy

What an incredible view ...!!! 
The nest is on the roof of the Economy building at the University of Rome   "La Sapienza".

The little ones are well fed and the adults are really very effective on bringing plenty of prey at nest ...Amazing peregrines !!!

An unexpected visit

Vogelbescherming Nederland, Beleef de Lente

At the Nuthatches' nest we had an unexpected visit this morning ...!!! See the video clip here

Little Owl/ Athene noctua

Vogelbescherming Nederland, Beleef de lente

Good morning everyone ...The female Little Owl is still in the nest ...!!!  ...See the video clip about yesterday's fight (Little Owl vs Dove