Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wild dogs resting

 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Wild dogs vs elephant 2

 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Elephant tried to chase them away ...but at last he left with wild dogs running after him ...but suddenly they returned and chased the waterbucks instead !!!! 

Wild dogs vs Elephants

 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Those pics are from the video clip on the main page (Africam. com) Please go and check it !!!

The elephants had a moment of panic ...and behind them appeared only one dog . It was really funny

Wild dogs vs Waterbuck 2

 Africam, Tembe cam, 

Wild dogs vs Waterbuck 1

Africam, Tembe cam

Those pics are from Katja's video clips ....Please go to Africam,com site and check all the video clips ...amazing work ...