Monday, 10 May 2010


Wildearth TV,

Find the lion !!

Wildearth TV,

Leopard tortoise

Wildearth TV

Barn Owl - Tyto alba- Πεπλόγλαυκα // Love and hugs !!!

Vogelbescherming Nederland,

Pics from a video clip at the first page of the cam :)

Barn Swallow - Hirundo rustica

Vogelbescherming Nederland,

Blacksmith Lapwing

Africam, Nkorho pan cam

More White Storks chicks

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Zeiskamermuehle

I couldn't count exactly how many they are but I think three

Five chicks still on nest No3

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 3

Although the fifth look tiny in comparsion with the others he looks active and rather well ..

Two chicks left -

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1

As it always happens the last few years ..after a rainy day the little chicks died.. I think the nest keeps water and the little chicks become wet and die becouse of the loss of their body temperature or becouse of being sick. One of the remaining chicks look very sick and he can hardly arose his head so I suppose soon will miss him too ..The other one looks rather active ...Lets hope to survive at least one