Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another Peregrine nest in Brussels !!!

Falcons for everyone -Brussels

Now ...this is really close !!!!

Three hungry eaglets !!! Bald Eagles

Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles, 

I was surprised by how patient is the adult feeding ...Now there are three little eaglets at nest and the adult fed all equaly ..very carefully ...When the little eaglet couldn't catch the food and  dropped it in nest ...she/he tried to put it again at the little open bill ..second ..third time until the little could catch it and swallow it !!!  I don't think that the human parents have got more patience when they feed their babies !!!!! 

Prey and Predator !!!

Raptor Resource Project/Decorah Eagles, 

The fish is still moving !!! Really fresh ...for the eaglets' lunch


Wildearth TV, 


Wildearth TV, 

Cape buffalo

Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Another Peregrine's nest in Italy

White Storks in Germany

Aktion Pfalzstorch-Bornheim 1, 

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus

 Vogelbescherming Nederland,