Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Laysan Albatross

TheCornellLab albatross cam, 

Great Horned Owl ...a very windy day

TheCornellLab Cams, 

Bald Eagles ...nests to watch ...

Decorah eagles/ Iowa

DNR Eagle cam /Minnesota

Duke Farms eagle cam/New Jersey

Eagle cam/ West Virginia

Eagles4 kids


 Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 


Nkorho pan cam, Africam, 

I had a headache ..:-)

White tailed Eagle in Estonia/ What a beauty !!!

Estonia -, 

Great Tits ...still snow in Estonia !!!

Estonia -,

Some are too early ....Peregrine falcon in Rome, 

White Storks in Germany

Steinbach Bräu Stork cam/Germany,

First of all....Prepare yourself be beautiful ...:-)

Bald Eagles

DNR Bald Eagle cam/Minnesota

Last rearrangements before dark