Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cape buffalos

 Africam, Elephant plains cam,

Thirsty Impala

Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 


 Africam, Nkorho pan cam, 


 Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Impressive tusks

 Africam, Elephant plains cam, 

Young male Impala

Africam, Elephant plains cam,

I love the shape of these not fully grown horns ...

About Beleef de Lente and Kingfisher webcam

LN was really very kind to post me this comment bellow ..As it is very difficult for you to find the comments with so many posts every day ...I repost it here ...
It is very nice to have info translated in english as the automatic translation is really bad ..

Thank you LN..

Blogger LN said...

Nice snapshot! The comm. lines have just been upgraded yesterday, so the quality is a bit better now and the 3rd cam is on line.
FYI - English translation of the blog of this Kingfisher webcam (and of the other Beleef de Lente webcams) are found here:


 Africam, Tembe cam, SA

Peregrine/Falco peregrinus

Nesting Peregrines in Rome !!!!

Aria & Vento use a nest box,  on the roof of the Economy building at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". She had her first egg on 28 February ..

Shag / Phalacrocorax aristotelis

 Scottish Seabird Centre,