Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sunset safari on 17 Jan.

Wildearth Safaris cams, 

Brown Snake Eagle, 

Kudu and Steenbok !!! Look at the difference in size

Crab ?


Tree Squirel

Cinnamon breasted Bunting

Black bellied Bustard

Egyptian Geese



Pete's Pond 17 Jan.

White fronted Bee eater, 

 Barn Swallows ?, 

 Pied Kingfisher, 

 Spotted Flycatcher,

Cattle Egret, 

 Grey headed Kingfisher, ???

Water Monitor Lizards

Growing up nicely !!!

Station Gars O' Higgins-Antarctica, 

Birds on feeder /Estonia

Estonia - looduskalender.ee, 

Great Tit, 

Blue Tit, 



Willow Tit, 


Sharing the food.... Great and Blu Tit and Nuthatch